I have published three books over my career:

1. The Leader’s Shadow: Exploring and Developing Executive Character (Sage Publications)

2. Building Organizational Capacity for Change: The Strategic Leader’s New Mandate (Business Expert Press).

3. Corporate Governance & Initial Public Offerings: An International Perspective (Cambridge University Press)

Each book is available through the publisher’s website, or on

I have published a popular online teaching tool, called the Change Management Simulation: Power & Influence (Harvard Business Publishing).  Click here to learn more about this product.

I have published over 100 articles, and over 50 articles in double-blind, refereed management journals.  Listed below are my five most heavily cited works:

1. Judge, W.Q. & Zeithaml, C.P. (1992).  Board involvement in the strategic decision making process: Institutional and strategic choice perspectives.   Academy of Management Journal, 35: 766-794.  (Google scholar citations:  602).

2. Douglas, T. & Judge, W.Q.  2001.  TQM Implementation and competitive advantage:  The role of structural control and exploration, Academy of Management Journal, 44: 158-169. (Google Scholar citations: 433).

3. Judge, W.Q. & Douglas, T.J.  1998.  Performance implications of incorporating the natural environment into the strategic planning process: An empirical assessment, Journal of Management Studies, 35: 241-262.  (Google Scholar citations: 406).

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5. Judge, W.Q., Fryxell, G. & Dooley, R. (1997) The new task of R&D management: Creating goal-directed communities of innovation.  California Management Review, 39:   (Google Scholar citations: 216).